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released August 26, 2014




Scorched By The Flaming Goat Santiago, Chile

A five-pieced Blackened Death Metal / Deathcore band from Santiago , Chile. Our mission is to spread the word of hate to open the eyes of the blindness fears of the humanity

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Track Name: Oblivion
break and bleak
i've wasted so much life in a fucking human being
who didn't know how to value my fucking acts

my face is my deception
my soul my destruction
my heart cut in half
all this shit that i have inside me
i express in my eyes
i express in my fists
i express in my fucking being

wrapped in anger
wrapped in rancor and pain
living an internal self destruction

to clear what i feel
it is carrying me to nowhere,
the oblivion time is right fucking now

i will pulverize each shit in my life, sanity!
turning away from the parasites that consume my life. go and fuck yourself you fucking filthy whore
your death will relieve all this pain
and misery where i am
i need to watch suffer

it would be the best feeling of my fucking life
to watch the pain of everyone else …it makes me feel
Track Name: Doom
You remind me as the man who did nothing to keep you safe
You destroyed me with that word, "this is just here"
I will never forget how you took from me
my heart whore, human garbage

Just so you know I'll always remember you with loathing and hate
I guess now you should be fine,
infamous whore

what i wouldn't give to disfigure you face with my fist
To not see that ugly face in my life anymore
The pain i have is not going to remove it easy
it easy

The betray you made me when you said that this would be forever

Worst of all, is that I believed in you
Now i got tired of all this bullshit
earthlings are a bright on this planet
a disease worse than all existing

their regret will be here
rotting something that will not be remedied

steal, destroy everything that they see in their wake
breathe pure oxygen
thank you blasphemies of the earth
for making my life hell as yours
The flowers in my garden will not bloom

Earthbound, I can not wait more time in which they are in a dying breed
in a fucking dying breed
you destroyed me
Track Name: Involution
In your false ideals
written in the prophecies
Happiness never reached
for your lies and betrayals

come to my lodging 
and look in the mirror
and what do you see
only a soulless being
without principles or convictions

an entity that breathes
only what their selfishness lets them
fucking spectrums upon the earth
you have to die
you are no more than a shadow of what you meant to be
the reason for the end of humanity

you all deserve to burn
along with your shit
with your garbage being
you scum of the earth 
you are afraid of what you are
and pretend to protect against the unknown 

you are the end of the fucking existence
live in a world filled envy
envy of yourselves

which corrodes and boil your blood
want to be better than others
but you are nothing but a fucking bitches
hiding from what you fear the most

denying your individualism

come to lodging
a look in the mirror
and what do you see
only a soulless being
without principles or convictions
you all deserve to burn
along with your shit
with your garbage being
scum of the earth 
you are afraid of what you are
and pretend to protect against the unknown 

burn in the flames of my hatred
feel my contempt
you are the scum of the earth
Track Name: Judgement Ft. Mariano of A Thousand Years Of Plagues
Rotting souls waiting looking to the sky
waiting for a solution

Rains blood from a cold war
And terror consumes all their hope

Of life!! No Mercy!x2

No mercy for the wicked
Flames that demand
Bodies, blood and bones
To feed that hunger
Agony of Destruction
In hands of the merciless conscience

Preys that won't be heard
Preys that won't be true
Preys never heard
Rivers of blood
Rivers of blood devastating with the city
Every corner downed in EAJ
A charged hand
Global Control
Under black orders
Conspiracy of the total destruction

I feed of the power under the orders
My terror overpowers
Wont be enough
the destruction will come

So many wars to fight
Many lives to live
Clemency to suffer
No more melancholies

Slaves of your dreams
Trace that we blindly follow
Walking alone to the end
Tight pain in my soul
Track Name: Old Chapters
by nights when darkness fall
i look at my darkest days
and imagine your disfigured face

by the anger you make me feel

crying for mercy for all the pain i make you feel
showing you, your stabs were the beginning

of what would turn me in your worst nightmare
your worst nightmare

your lies and fallacies 
made me realize

see my scars of honor
of what you did to me
killing your false innocence
and cowardice

no one will take from me
and no one will return 
what I took from you
with the obsession in my hate

i sealed this covenant
with your blood on my hands

free from the obsession that blinded me 
now I know nothing but hate
what opened my eyes to your rotten figure
and your slutty smell
i hope , in the end of your days
you remember who put an end to all your lies